Bouche is part restaurant, part wine bar and a story of passion.....

In 2009, Jeremy Blaringhem, Julie Fulton, and Guillaume Issavendens first worked together in a restaurant in the Bay Area.  Julie and Jeremy become close friends, traveling the world together developing a passion for food, wine, and sharing that experience. 

In 2011, Guillaume opened Bouche in San Francisco asking for Julie to be part of his new venture. Jeremy’s travels led him back home to Paris, France where he started a family and helped his best friend to open a restaurant. During that time, Julie became the face of Bouche, building a clientele, and honing her skills as a wine connoisseur.

For five years,  Julie and Jeremy's passion for food and wine never waned...generating unique and creative restaurant concepts. Coincidently, Guillaume was ready for his next adventure. And, to get there, he had to hand over the legacy of Bouche. 

Julie and Jeremy were the obvious choice, their experience, dedication and  vision was what Bouche needed.

"Bouche 2.0”. 


Jeremy Blaringhem 

Executive Chef Owner


Julie Fulton